? ? ? ?北緯二十八影視 Film and television

? ? ? ?全產業鏈影視文化娛樂傳媒機構

? ? ? ?A Whole Industrial Chain Film & TV, Culture and Entertainment Media Agency

? ? ? ?北緯二十八影視(Film and television)創立于2017年,總部位于長沙,是一家擁有影視制作以及發行資質的綜合型全產業鏈影視文化娛樂傳媒機構。秉承“用心締造精品,攜手共創輝煌”的宗旨,由素有“東方猶太人”之稱的溫州本土人士蔡文先生創辦。

? ? ? ?公司創立之初,迅速獲取業內外廣泛支持,吸引了國家級專家藝術評委、藝術導師、一級導演……專業影視制作隊伍的加入,吸納了一批知名藝人、潛力明星的加盟,促成了國內一流宣發平臺、主流院線及新聞媒體的合作。

? ? ? ?公司依托實力雄厚的金融行業背景和互聯網+跨界運營思維,成立之初即進行集團化全產業鏈布局,同步啟動影視投資、制作發行、IP孵化、衍生市場開發、藝人經紀、概念院線、綜藝欄目、VR并購、平臺經營、娛樂營銷等全產業聯動的“大傳媒”戰略。

? Media film (Yongwei) was founded in 2016, headquartered in Wenzhou, is a film and television production and distribution of the overall quality of the industry chain of film and television culture and entertainment media organizations. Adhering to the "intention to create high-quality products, join hands to create brilliant" purpose, known as the "Oriental Jews," said Li Yongli, founder of the local people in Wenzhou.
? Company heritage Wenzhou model, carry forward the spirit of Wenzhou, based on the emerging cultural industries to bold innovation, the courage to open up the courage to build a common development of the new situation.?
? At the beginning of the establishment of the company, the rapid access to a wide range of domestic and foreign support, attracted a national expert art judges, art instructors, a director...... Professional film production team to join, to absorb a number of well-known artists, potential star to join, contributed to the domestic first-class Xuanfa platform, mainstream cinema and media cooperation.
? The company relies on the strength of the financial industry background and Internet plus cross-border operation thinking, at the beginning of the group of the whole industry chain layout, synchronous start film investment, production and distribution, IP incubation, derivatives market development, artist management, the concept of cinema, arts section, VR and purchase, platform management, entertainment marketing as a whole industry linkage the "big media" strategy.

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